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Ninety Six Parenting/Family Literacy Program
"Parents are their child's FIRST and most important teachers."
The Ninety Six Parenting Program recognizes that parental involvement is necessary for a child to be successful in school. Research continues to show that a child's home environment is the single most important factor in their school success.
Our primary focus is on children and families.
  We Offer: 
Family Storytime 
Lapsit Storytime 
PAT Home Visits 
         Neighborhood Storytimes 
 Family Workshops 
    GED Adult Referrals 
                   Parent/Child Interactive Activities 
                   Learning Resource Checkout Room 
2018 - 2019 (K-4/ K-5 Schedule) 

09.18.18  -  K-4 and K-5
10.16.18  -  K-4 and K-5
11.27.18  -  K-4 and K-5
12.18.18  -  K-4 and K-5
     01.15.19  -  K-4 and K-5    
                                                                    02.26.19  -  K-4 and K-5
                                                                    03.19.19  -  K-4 and K-5

                          Read every day to your child.    

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