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Welcome to Ninety Six Primary!
The Tradition Begins Here

Principal- Dr. Andrea Fulmer

121 South Cambridge Street
Ninety Six, SC
Fax 864-543-4427
Closure Updates
May 18th - Update
Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19 - You may drop off your child’s ChromeBook, work packet and library books from 4 pm to 7 pm
Wednesday, May 20 - This is our final day to drop off work and ChromeBooks. Someone will be out front at the blue awning from 9 am to 6 pm.
**You may also pick up a yearbook at the porch of the resource building. We will have pre-purchased books labeled for easy pick up. Having your pink card will help this process go more smoothly. You may also purchase a yearbook at this time. Cost is $20 (cash or check), and it is first come, first served. We do ask that you stay in your car, and we will come to you (to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed).
Thursday, May 21 - This will be our End of the Year Drive through celebration starting at 6 pm. We will follow the same procedures as our regular car line (arrival/dismissal). Please line up on State Street. At 6 pm, we will open the driveway in front of the school, teachers and staff will line the sidewalk and grassy area to say a socially distanced farewell to our NSP students for the 2019-2020 school year. As a reminder, students and families must remain in their cars. We will be here until 7 pm for this event.

4/22 - Parents - Governor McMaster has announced that schools will remain closed until the end of the school year. Our teachers and staff are planning for this and will be sharing more information as soon as we can finalize plans. Please continue to reach out to your child’s teacher via Dojo or email. We appreciate your continued support and will do our best to keep you informed.

4/21 - We are aware of several issues, such as videos and work not uploading, with Class Dojo. A help ticket has been entered, and we are awaiting a response. If you would like to contact your child’s teacher or submit work electronically, you may use email. You may also call 864-970-7610 and leave a voice message. Thank you for your continued patience.

4/13 - Welcome back. We hope everyone enjoyed spring break. School starts back today. Here’s hoping that you are well, safe and with power this morning. Just a reminder that there will be a drop off box for work (from round 1) at the main entrance to the gym tomorrow from 7:30 am - 6:30 pm. Remember this is only if you did not submit the work online. Teacher office hours are 10:00 am - 11:30 am Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and then 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm on Tuesday & Thursday. If you need to speak with someone, please call 864-970-7610 and leave a message. We will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you all for your continued support during this closure.

4/3 - Thank you all for working with our students these last three weeks. We greatly appreciate all that you are doing. Remember to take pictures of student work as it is completed and share with your child's teacher via Dojo or email. If you have work that has not already been shared electronically, you may drop it off at the school on Tuesday, April 14 from 7:30 am - 6:30 pm. There will be a drop box near the front door of the school for you. (This is not a deadline, we will set up other collection dates after the break).

Spring Break starts this afternoon (after 3) and lasts until April 12. Our lessons on Dojo will resume April 13. Please take this time to rest, relax, and enjoy your family. School work can definitely wait.

3/26 - Parents - Just a tip to help out sending in your child's work. If you have an iPhone, you can use the notes app as a scanner. You can scan the work (with the phone's camera) by following these steps.
1) Open a new note
2) Press the camera button
3) Choose the "scan document" option when it pops up
4) Once you have scanned the document(s), you can email it your child's teacher. This will work with email, and uses less band width.

3/24 - The school closure has been extended by Governor McMaster until the end of April. We will continue to work through the packets provided previously until April 3 with teachers posting video lessons daily on Dojo. Please email the teacher if you are not on class dojo or call 864-970-7610 and leave a message. Save April 1st (12-7 pm) as the day to pick up packets for the remainder of April. More details on pick up will be posted by the end of the week. Spring break will be still be April 6 - 10 for students and staff.

3/19- Parents - Each day, starting Monday, March 23rd, your child’s teacher will post a brief video on Class Dojo about that day's lesson. Our current plan is to post a reading video in the mornings, then a math video in the evenings. Please remember to post a picture of your child's work either in your child’s portfolio on Dojo or send via email.

Again, we understand there are some issues with Clever and the QR codes, which we are working on now. If you are unable to communicate via email or Dojo, you may call 864-970-7610 and leave a voice message.

3/18 - Parents - Each day as your child completes work, please send a picture of the completed work to your child’s teacher either through Class Dojo or the teacher’s email. This way you, your child and the teacher can be sure that work is done correctly, and learning can continue. In addition, this will be a way for everyone to stay on track during this closure.

Here is a link to teacher email addresses:

Remember that teacher office hours are 10:00 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 3:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

Mrs. Ward suggests this link if you would like some guidance in talking about Covid-19 with your children:

Good News Club is cancelled for the remainder of the school year.

Video to help parents about epidemics:

What we are hearing from you:
iReady will only work on a laptop, desktop, or tablet (not phones)
Some QR codes are not working.
Thank you for letting us know. We will continue to try to work through these issues and update as we can or learn more.

We truly thank all parents for working with us through the new situation.
Principal's Corner
NSP family,

Today would have been the last day for students of the 2019-2020 school year. Our staff greatly appreciates the love and support this year. To say it has been unusual is an understatement. Thank you for working with your children during the closure. This has not been an easy task for anyone, but you all have handled it gracefully. As of today, we are still unsure of what August will be like for our school. My goal is to keep you updated as we learn more from our state leaders on what “return to school” will look like this fall. As of now, we plan to have registration the last week of July, but have not set dates since so much is in limbo. As a principal new to the school, I want to say a personal thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your children this year. You all have welcomed me to the “wildcat” family, and it has truly been a blessing. Enjoy your summer with your children!

Signed, Ms. Fulmer (5/28/2020)
School Report Card
Compulsory Attendance Law
Greenwood School District 52 would like for all students to be successful throughout the educational process. Your child’s attendance is a major part of his/her success.

The State of South Carolina has a Compulsory Attendance Law which requires children 5 years of age until the child attains his/her 17th birthday or graduates from high school to regularly attend school. A child 6 to 17 years old is TRUANT when the child has 3 consecutive unlawful absences or a total of 5 unlawful absences.

When a student is truant, school officials will meet with the parent/guardian to complete an Attendance Intervention Plan. If unlawful absences continue, you and your child will be referred to DSS and/or Court for further intervention.

When your child is absent, always bring or send the written excuse when your child returns to school.

Doris Louden
Attendance Officer
Impacting Students to Change the World
• Children are our first priority in all decision making processes.
• All children should have equal access to a quality education addressing their individual needs.
• Children deserve the services of highly qualified instructional and support service personnel.
• Students benefit from a safe, orderly facility where a learning environment of mutual respect for diversity thrives.
• Stakeholder involvement from parents, community, and businesses partnerships ensures student success.
• All students will learn to read on grade level by the end of third grade and from fourth grade to high school read to learn content required to be college and career ready as required in South Carolina Read to Succeed legislation.
• Students will be college and career ready when graduating from high school.
• Each district employee is a valuable asset in educating children.
• Students learn best when they feel valued and their needs are met.